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TikTok revolutionizes engagement between fans and artists with Fan Spotlights

TikTok has just launched a brand new feature called “Fan Spotlight“. This initiative, designed to bring artists closer to their fans, allows artists to highlight videos posted by their fans directly on their profile, in a new tab dedicated to music.

TikTok Fan Spotlight

Artists can now select and pin up to 5 fan videos in the “Music” tab of their profile. This highlight lasts for up to 7 days, after which the artist can choose to replace these videos with new fan creations. As soon as a video is pinned, the content creator receives a notification, nurturing a sense of recognition and appreciation among fans.

This feature is a powerful booster for the creation of user-generated content (UGC). Indeed, fans’ testimonials and creativity offer authentic, natural promotion, often more powerful than traditional advertising campaigns. What’s more, by enabling fans to see their content recognized and shared by their favorite artists, TikTok encourages the creation of quality content, creating a cycle of mutual promotion.


Three easy steps for artists to engage with fans and keep your feed looking fresh with Fan Spotlight! Pin your favourite fan videos and let them know they’re slayin’ 💅

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For artists, Fan Spotlight represents a unique opportunity to show their commitment to their fanbase: it can be seen as proof that they appreciate and actively follow the contributions of their audience, thus strengthening the bond with their fans. What’s more, this extra exposure for fan videos encourages more creative work, increasing artists’ visibility and notoriety.

The first artist to test this new feature was Billie Eilish, to mark the release of her album Hit Me Hard and Soft. By highlighting fan videos on her profile, she not only created a buzz around her new album, but also set an example of how Fan Spotlight can be used effectively by other artists.

Fan Spotlight is undoubtedly a major step forward for TikTok, consolidating its position as the go-to platform for music promotion and fan engagement. Artists and fans have everything to gain from this new feature, which promises to transform the way we interact with music and its creators.

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