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TikTok launches “Artist Accounts” to strengthen connections between artists and their fans

TikTok has decided to introduce “Artist Accounts” to strengthen the connection between artists and their audience. Accessible to all artists who have published songs, this type of account offers promotional tools and highlights the “Artist” mention on profiles. A “New Release” tool highlights upcoming tracks up to two weeks before their official release, increasing their visibility on the platform’s music discovery pages.

The “Music” tab offers the artist’s complete music catalog, with 30-second excerpts and view counters, following the format of the major streaming platforms. In addition to pinning favorite publications to the top of the discovery, “Artist Accounts” include “Behind the Song” formats, in which artists can share what inspired them behind their tracks, to strengthen their bond with their fans.

TikTok Artist Accounts

This new feature is a follow-up to the addition of the “Add To Music App” feature we mentioned in our last newsletter, and demonstrates TikTok’s efforts to further assert itself in music creation and consumption habits. In this way, the platform is positioning itself as a key player not only for hosting musical content, but also for becoming an essential part of the online artistic experience.

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