It will soon be possible to A/B test video thumbnails on YouTube

YouTube recently announced an upcoming feature that could revolutionize the way creators test the effectiveness of their videos: a new A/B testing option for thumbnails. This new feature will enable users to compare different thumbnails for the same video to determine which one generates the most engagement. 

Thumbnail A/B Test

Currently in beta for a sample of around 50,000 users, the A/B test is carried out over a 2-week period. Creators can then choose to keep the best-performing thumbnail to maximize the reach and click-through rate of their videos. 

A/B Test winner

This initiative is part of YouTube’s commitment to offering advanced tools to creators, promoting a richer, more effective experience on the platform. A/B tests, which are very often used, will enable creators to further perfect their content strategy. 

[The beta version of A/B tests for video thumbnails] will continue until team feels like the product is delivering what it needs to for creators, and then it’ll start moving into launch mode. No timeline yet, because it’s hard to predict how fast or slow tests of this size will go, but as soon as it’s ready to launch, YouTube will absolutely let everyone know.”, said YouTube Creator Liaison, Rene Ritchie

We’re looking forward to the launch of this feature.

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