Spotify Now Makes It Easy to Increase Your Follower Count With Spotify Canvas

Spotify has introduced an exciting new feature reminiscent of TikTok’s interface, offering users a swipeable stream of previews that can be explored infinitely and allow you to quickly increase your Spotify followers. These previews showcase artists’ dynamic creations, known as ‘Spotify Canvas’, blending video and audio. Songs that don’t have a Canvas will just feature the album artwork.

A GIF-like icon now adorns the top of artist pages, album pages, podcasts, and playlists on Spotify. After clicking on it, users are presented with song previews of 30sec, and can swipe through to find more and scroll through the artist’s discography, just like on TikTok. From the video page, users can easily add the songs to their library or playlists, follow the artists, and share the track elsewhere.

Using an impactful Canvas for your track is therefore imperative: this will boost user engagement on your content and generate more followers on your artist page and add-to-library. 

Also, song previews come with hashtags, allowing users to discover feeds tailored to their preferred musical styles. Curated by Spotify rather than the artists themselves, these hashtags reflect the categories in which the artists and their tracks are referenced. These are therefore good indicators of how the platform’s algorithm views an artist and their music.

Canvas view statistics are accessible through Spotify for Artists and are measured as follows: each time a user opens the Now Playing view and encounters the Canvas, it registers as one view, regardless of the duration of song playback. As a result, a song may accumulate more Canvas views than actual streams, given that Spotify counts a stream after 30 seconds of playback. This enables Canvas visuals to stand alone and potentially reach a broader audience.

Spotify for Artists Canva stats

This is all part of our ongoing effort to enable listeners to discover fresh finds, while also allowing them to quickly sample content they can enjoy later,” Spotify spokesperson said.

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