Report – How Do Spotify Algorithms Revolutionize the Music Consumption?

We are proud to introduce our brand new report:

“How Do Spotify Algorithms Revolutionize the Music Consumption?”

Amidst the 120,000 new tracks emerging daily across various music streaming platforms, artists and industry professionals are confronted with new challenges to be heard and stand out from the competition.

Streaming platforms, benefiting from this growth, seek to build user loyalty. This notably involves a promise: to accurately reference new releases and offer personalized, coherent selections to listeners. A strategy well embraced by users, as evidenced by the popularity of editorial playlists, the integration of which becomes a major challenge for industry players.

Yet, another type of playlist, with an even greater capacity to highlight a track to a broader audience, remains undervalued: algorithmic playlists.

This new report presents a study on the influence of Spotify’s algorithm on music consumption, based on the analysis of over 25.3 billion streams from hundreds of artists. It addresses the following questions:

  • How do Spotify’s recommendation algorithms work? 🔎
  • What is their impact on an artist’s streams and on the music streaming market? 📊
  • What lessons can industry stakeholders learn from this? ✍️

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