“Radio Spins”: the new real-time ranking launched by Shazam & Apple Music

Shazam recently launched a new tool to improve the way we discover music. The new ranking, entitled “Radio Spins“, features a Top 200 chart of the most played tracks on radios, based on real-time analysis and identification of over 40,000 radio stations worldwide.

To build this ranking, Shazam tracks over a million hours of music played on the radio every day. This huge database enables the application to provide accurate, up-to-date information on the tracks that are currently trending. Whether it’s pop, rap/hip-hop, electronic music or rock, “Radio Spins” allows you to view the global Top 200 and by music genre, covering a total of 16 different genres.

Shazam Radio Spins

The ranking doesn’t just show which tracks are popular; it also offers users a new way of discovering music, allowing them to explore global music trends or focus on the genres that interest them most. The aim: to enrich users’ music discovery experience to stay ahead of the latest trends and discover new artists and tracks they might otherwise never come across.

As Shazam belongs to Apple Music, users can find these new rankings directly in the streaming platform’s application

For artists and digital marketing professionals in the music industry, “Radio Spins” is a powerful tool. It enables them to understand which songs resonate most with audiences, and adjust their promotional strategies accordingly. What’s more, the ability to segment the ranking by music genre offers a detailed view of listener preferences in different market segments.

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