Deezer reinvents the music experience for fans with its new Purple Club 

Last year, Deezer undertook a strategic repositioning by modernizing its graphic identity and launching an engaging new motto: “Live the Music”, with the aim of encouraging its users to experience music in a more intense and personal way. 

This month, the platform takes another step forward with the unveiling of an innovative feature: the Purple Club. This tab, exclusively available to paying subscribers, features a series of competitions offering unique opportunities to get closer to their favorite artists through exceptional experiences. The Purple Club embodies the idea of creating a privileged community where fans can experience unforgettable musical moments.

Deezer Purple Club

The Purple Club offers a variety of exclusive rewards, each designed to provide memorable moments for fans:

  • Purple Door: Extraordinary live performances designed around the artists’ creative worlds, helping to forge deeper bonds between fans and their idols.
  • Exclusive listening sessions: Private listening sessions with the artists, prior to the official release of their albums.
  • Release parties: Exclusive events organized to celebrate the release of an album, with the presence of the artists.
  • Front Row XP: The ultimate VIP experience, offering fans the chance to attend pre-concert sound checks, get front-row seats and meet the artists backstage. 
  • Concert tickets: Exclusive access to highly coveted or sold-out concerts.

For the time being, the Purple Club is reserved for events taking place in France, Deezer’s home country. Subscribing users can enter contests directly via the app, and winners are drawn at random to take part in these exclusive events.

Deezer’s new positioning and the introduction of the Purple Club once again demonstrate the platform’s commitment to innovating and enriching the musical experience for its users. By inviting fans to truly “live the music”, Deezer is paving the way for a new way of experiencing music, more immersive and connected than ever.

For artists, it’s a real opportunity to connect more closely with their superfans. These exclusive experiences will not only strengthen their relationship with their audience, but also create memorable moments that will help build fan loyalty. This increased proximity offers artists a unique platform for promoting their new projects and developing a passionate, committed community!

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