AI-powered playlists are revolutionizing music discovery on streaming platforms

As the music streaming industry is constantly evolving, platforms are continually seeking to offer their users new, personalized and innovative experiences. It’s in this context that Spotify and Amazon Music have each recently decided to launch their own AI-powered playlist generation feature.

As such, Spotify has just launched its AI playlist generation tool in beta version exclusively for premium users in the UK and Australia. The feature allows users to create personalized playlists using text prompts that can combine different genres, moods, artists or even decades. Spotify’s AI then analyzes these prompts to generate a corresponding playlist, offering a unique music discovery experience.

This isn’t the first time Spotify has put its recommendation in the hands of AI. Indeed, the platform also recently launched AI DJ, which allows listeners to better personalize their listening sessions and discover new music: the feature mimics radios by announcing song names and track beginnings, aimed in part at helping listeners step out of their comfort zone.

“Users who liked Y also liked Z. We know you like Y, so you might like Z”: this is how an AI finds matches. And it seems to work very well.

For its part, Amazon Music has also launched its own version of AI-generated playlists, called “Maestro”. Available in beta for a sample of users in the US, Maestro allows Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers to create personalized playlists using a variety of prompts, including emojis, moods, or even activities or sound suggestions. This feature will be gradually rolled out to Prime subscribers and those using the free service, to offer a wider audience the chance to discover new music tailored to their tastes.

The introduction of these new features underlines the growing importance of music referencing on streaming platforms for artists. With the use of AI to curate playlists, it is essential that tracks are correctly categorized and referenced to guarantee them real visibility. Artists must therefore take care to target their audience effectively when releasing new tracks, in order to reach the right audiences and stimulate the streaming of their music. This will enable AI to better understand listeners’ preferences and associate tracks appropriately in playlists, enhancing track discovery and exposure. 

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