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YouTube’s Vertical Live Streams Are Now Available for All Eligible Users

In 2023, YouTube initiated trials among a select group of users, granting them access to vertical live streams within the Shorts tab of the app. Today, this feature has been expanded and is now accessible to all qualifying users, subject to specific criteria:

  • Having more than 50 subscribers on their channel.
  • Completing a verification process on the platform, distinct from the procedure for obtaining the “verified” badge.

The updated format integrates a chat interface at the bottom, featuring colored bubbles set at different price amounts to encourage fan support. Initiating a vertical live stream is straightforward: verified users simply need to tap the new ‘Live’ tab option and provide a title for the stream.

Vertical Live Streams

Furthermore, users have the ability to invite guests to join them in live broadcasts, add location details, or schedule the live stream for later airing to accommodate diverse time zones. Vertical live content creators retain access to several monetization features on YouTube, including Super Chats, Super Stickers, and Memberships. Additionally, vertical live streams can be archived for on-demand viewing once the broadcast concludes.

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