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YouTube Music Enhances Music Discovery with its New Feature: Samples

In today’s digital landscape, scrolling and video formats have become integral to the majority of platforms. Spotify recognized this trend when introducing its Clips feature, enabling artists to provide short videos to enhance the visibility of their tracks. YouTube also joined the movement with its Short format, showcasing endless streams of brief videos. More recently, YouTube Music has followed suit by introducing a new tab within its application: Samples.

Samples represents a novel method for users of YouTube Music to discover new tracks. The feature offers them the opportunity to infinitely scroll through video clip excerpts of songs that align with their preferences. The YouTube algorithm takes care of the process: the best moments from artists’ video clips are curated and presented directly to users based on the analysis of their musical preferences. As a result, the feature provides both new tracks from favored artists and those from lesser-known artists with similar musical profiles.

The feature also empowers users to directly add the track to their collection, share it on other platforms, and even use it as background music for a Short video.

YouTube Samples

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