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YouTube launches a new feature to facilitate music discovery

YouTube has just announced that they are rolling out a brand new feature over the next few weeks to facilitate music discovery for its users. 

Shazam was the forerunner years ago: the application allowed users to play a track on the platform, which recognized it directly and invited the user to stream the track on streaming platforms. Some streaming services had also followed suit: Deezer, for example, now offers since 2017 a feature called “SongCatcher“, based on the same principle as Shazam.

These features made it easier for users to discover new music, and avoid missing out on tracks they were hearing for the first time and wanted to record. For artists, it was also a way to benefit from additional streams. 

But in the coming weeks, artists will also have the opportunity to increase the number of views on their clips, thanks to YouTube’s new feature! Working on the same principle as Shazam, YouTube users will be able to search by listening or even humming the melody of a track, and if it’s available on YouTube, the user will be redirected directly to the corresponding video. This is an interesting feature, as it joins Deezer on the humming point: in fact, although it makes sense in the search for a specific track, it is not available on Shazam!

Not to be seen as a competitor to other platforms offering this kind of functionality, but rather as a way for artists to complete the music-consummation invitation: we’re waiting to see how the feature unfolds and whether it will be a real success.


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