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WhatsApp Channel or Instagram Channel: which one to choose?

Last February, Instagram launched its Broadcast Channels. Rolled out worldwide last month, Instagram Broadcast Channels are a one-way messaging tool that allows Instagram Creators to invite all their followers and interact with the most interested fans. Similar to Instagram messaging, Creators can send messages, photos, videos, or even voice recordings to their broadcast channel. Users must follow the Creator to gain access.

More recently, WhatsApp has also introduced a similar feature called “Channels”! Launched in June, this new feature is a one-way sharing tool that enables its creator to send messages, photos, videos, or polls to their audiences. Users can access Channels through invitations (message, email, or online) or by searching on the WhatsApp directory.

Both features are relatively similar, but the choice as an artist depends on the objective of the broadcast channel. While WhatsApp is originally a messaging application, fans who join a Channel may be more engaged (although they cannot respond directly on the channel) by reacting to the creator’s messages. On Instagram, since access to channels is reserved for followers, creating a Channel could attract followers who are curious to see the content of your broadcast channel.

For now, Instagram still holds an advantage, as WhatsApp Channels are only available in Colombia and Singapore. However, the application plans to expand this feature to the rest of the world in the coming months.

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