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TikTok launches new advertising format: “Out of Phone”

TikTok recently announced the launch of a brand new advertising format for the platform’s advertisers, called “Out of Phone“.

Out of Phone” is a revolutionary format enabling advertisers to showcase their TikTok content with ads but outside the app. Touchpoints include digital billboards in street locations, bars and restaurants, airports, and even cinema ads! 

This format is the result of a bunch of new partnerships between TikTok and advertising agencies and buying services. These include VEVO (video clip network), ReachTV (airport TV network), Loop TV, (free streaming TV service for businesses), Raydiant (in-store experience platform), GSTV (gas station advertising company), Screenvision (cinema advertising company) and billboard companies DIVE Billboards and Adomni.

This new “off-screen” advertising format opens up the possibility of reaching wider audiences, which will no longer be exclusively digital. Of course, the budget for these ads is likely to be much higher than that for classic TikTok ads, and will not be suitable for small advertisers, but for those having the budget, this could be an interesting format to consider in their marketing strategy. 

For artists and music industry professionals, this could be a good way to get exposure for your music by highlighting content extracted from a live performance, a cover, or a music video, for example.

The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see the first content to be featured in this new format, which is already available to all advertisers on the American continent. “Out of Phone” is due to be rolled out in Europe and the UK in the coming months.

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