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Instagram Reels: A New Way to Get Paid?

In February, Instagram introduced “Gifts” in the US as a way to compensate Reels creators. Gifts are stickers that regular users can purchase, with varying values, and gift them to Instagram Reels creators via a button directly on the Reel.

This innovative concept allows users to support Instagram creators by gifting them these stickers, as creators receive an equivalent amount in USD when they receive them. To purchase a Gift, users pay with Stars, the currency of Meta. For example, when a creator receives a Gift worth 100 Stars, they will receive $1 (USD).

Until recently, the concept of Gifts and Reels monetization on Instagram was only available in the US. However, Instagram has just decided to expand its availability to other geographic regions, including countries in Europe and Asia, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, South Korea, Thailand, or even Vietnam. 

This is good news for Instagram creators worldwide, as it opens up a new revenue stream for their content. For music artists, this could become a new way to engage with their fans more directly.

The eligibility criteria for receiving Gifts on Instagram remain straightforward. Creators must have over 5,000 followers on the app, maintain a professional account, be over 18 years old, and adhere to Instagram’s monetization guidelines.

Instagram Reels Gifts

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