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“Back On 74” by Jungle: Crafting an Effective TikTok Trend

Released at the beginning of August, the track “Back On 74” by Jungle has recently surged in TikTok trends, all thanks to engaging content created by none other than the dancers featured in the music video!

The concept is straightforward: after sharing videos comparing the synchronicity of choreography in rehearsals and during the official video, the shared content gained momentum and was picked up by TikTok users who then replicated the same dance routine.

The outcome? Thousands of (re)shared TikTok posts featuring the song, contributing to over 3 million Spotify streams as of the time of writing—a well-executed and strategic promotion ahead of the track’s release.


@Jungle – Back On 74’ Rehearsal footage vs Musicvideo – 1 of the Pieces i choreographed for the Volcano Visual Album – Wanted to take a moment to give a shout for these strong dancers the incredible women @Didde-Mie Lykke From @Fatou Bah Kikz Katika @babygrinch @Honey Makwana @Zhané Samuels @Belén Leroux @Miranda @Mette Linturi @SMG #fyp #backon74 #jungle #shaylatukolanchoreography #dancechoreography #rehearsaljungle #rehearsal #viraldancechallenge #viraltiktok #dance #foryou

♬ Back On 74 – Jungle

Jungle visuals | rehearsal and recording #rehearsal #ensaio #backon74 @Jungle

♬ Back On 74 – Jungle

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