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How the new “Add Yours” Instagram music sticker will help you improve your digital marketing 

Instagram recently launched a new music sticker: “Add Yours”. Inspired by the concept of the original “ Add Yours” sticker, this new tool offers a new dimension to music sharing on the platform. 

The “Add Yours” music sticker enables users to share tracks directly in their stories. When someone sees a story with this sticker, they can click on it and add the track of their choice, creating a music sharing chain. This process encourages collaborative and interactive music discovery, where every user can contribute to the collective “playlist”.

"Add Yours" Music Sticker

For users, this sticker is great news. It offers a new, interactive way of sharing and discovering music. It allows users to share their favorite music, influencing the tastes of their followers and discovering new music themselves, thanks to suggestions from their community. From an artist’s point of view, the “Add Yours” music sticker presents several opportunities for their digital marketing. It encourages their fanbase to suggest and share their music with their own community, thus increasing the organic reach of their tracks. This feature fits perfectly with the growing trend towards user-generated content (UGC). Fans become ambassadors, promoting the music of their favorite artists in an authentic and engaging way.

The announcement of this new feature was particularly striking thanks to Dua Lipa. The artist used the sticker in her story to share her new album “Radical Optimism”, demonstrating the sticker’s potential for promoting new musical projects and boosting fan engagement.

There are many ways to use this sticker to promote your music. For example: 

  • Encouraging fans to share: You can encourage your fans to use the sticker to share your tracks in their stories by organizing challenges to motivate participation.
  • Collaborations with influencers: Collaborate with influencers by offering them the opportunity to use the sticker to share one of your tracks. This will increase the visibility of your music among their followers.
  • Collaborative playlists: Create collaborative playlists with your fans by using the sticker to start a sharing chain, then publish the final results on your DSPs. This will also create a real bond with your community.
  • Data analysis: You can use the insights provided by the sticker (number of adds, your most used song…) to understand which tracks are being shared the most, and adjust your strategy accordingly!

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