Will we be able to promote our music on Netflix?

Nowadays, there is no need to wonder why it is important to have a digital strategy as part of the promotion plan of your music. Visibility, notoriety, engagement of your community… Digital marketing in music allows you to be heard, in an efficient way. In addition to traditional social media, video streaming platforms are also launching advertisements during the broadcast of their programs. Let’s focus on one of the biggest actors in video streaming and its impact on the music industry.

Netflix and the music industry: what is at stake?

No introduction needed: the most famous on-demand video streaming platform is Netflix, which has today more than 222 million users. A pioneer in its sector, the platform generated a turnover of 7.93 billion dollars in 2022, so there is no doubt about its place in the market.

The power of streaming programs on Netflix? A real influence on the music industry: series and movies set trends and allow songs to reach the top of the charts, regardless of their release date.

This year, for example, the song Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, brought back to the forefront thanks to the fourth season of Stranger Things: the listening on streaming platforms of this song released in 1985 has increased by 8700% worldwide, in only 4 days!

To resume, Netflix is having a real impact on its users’ music consumption. But what if this impact could be used more cleverly…?

A new way of watching shows: the launch of Netflix with ads

It is now available: since November 3, 2022, Netflix has launched in 12 countries (United States, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, United Kingdom…) a subscription plan subsidized by advertising, called “Netflix Basic with Ads”. This subscription plan is offered to users for $6.99/month in the US.

Users of this plan are exposed to an average of 4 minutes of advertising per hour, with 15 to 30 second sequences broadcasted in pre-roll (before the videos) or mid-roll (during programs), just like YouTube ads. However, they cannot skip the ads.

As a result, Netflix now takes part of the platforms to consider as an advertiser. Netflix also offers ad personalization based on the demographics of Basic with Ads users.

In terms of pricing for brands, the video streaming platform’s CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) would be in the range of $60 to $65 in the U.S., placing Netflix as one of the most expensive platforms for advertisers!

Ads for brands, yes, but soon ads for artists too? For the moment, ads on Netflix are reserved for big advertisers: we could notice ads for L’Oréal on the show Emily in Paris, for example. Netflix is still very careful about the types of ads, but this could probably change.

We hope for a development of the ads feature for advertisers on the same model as YouTube, where artists could also highlight their latest release, for example. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, you can still promote your music with Your Music Marketing: we are not yet on Netflix, but we are all over social media! You can launch your ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok!

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