TikTok Introduces New Advertising Formats: Story Selection and Carousels

As one of the foremost social media platforms in marketing strategies, TikTok continuously strives to innovate in order to stand out. Recently, the social media has launched two new formats available on TikTok Ads that are highly likely to revolutionize the advertising ecosystem of the platform.

The first one, known as Story Selection, is a novel interactive advertising format that enables users to choose the version of the advertisement that interests them the most. When presented with a Story Selection ad, users are offered a choice between two distinct ‘stories,’ effectively two versions of the ad. This feature is reminiscent of YouTube’s native functionality offering end screens after a video, thus allowing for a narrative experience for the viewer. This element of choice empowers the user to be in control of their viewing experience, and in the case of Story Selection, to personalize their interaction with the encountered advertisement. This, in turn, establishes a strong connection between the advertiser and the user, leading to enhanced engagement rates with the ad. As an artist, this format will facilitate the creation of a more accessible and captivating experience for one’s fan base.

The second novel advertising format developed by TikTok is the carousel format (automatically scrolling images). These carousels, now sponsored through TikTok Ads, have been available in organic posts since late 2022 but could not be utilized as ad content by advertisers. Currently being beta-tested by a selection of brands, this feature has demonstrated superior performance compared to other campaign types on the social media, boasting an average 20% lower CPC and a 30% lower CPA!

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