Taylor Swift x Google: An Engaging Partnership

This summer, Taylor Swift announced the upcoming release of her album “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” and it’s in the context of promoting this project scheduled for October that Google recently announced its partnership with the American artist.

When fans of Taylor Swift search for “Taylor Swift” on Google, they are presented with a puzzle to solve. In total, 89 different puzzles are available, and Taylor expects her community to solve more than 33 million puzzles before revealing something new, likely related to the album’s release. While the expected number of puzzles is quite high, the puzzles themselves are relatively simple, typically in the form of hidden words related to the artist or the album’s songs.

This partnership is a stroke of genius because it allows the artist to capture attention, generate buzz, boost her organic search ranking, and, most importantly, continue to grow and engage her dedicated fanbase! In fact, in the first few days, Google Trends analyses showed an average index of 97/100 on Google searches for the keyword “Taylor Swift” worldwide.

Taylor Swift & Google

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