Spotify for Artists Introduces Release Comparison Metrics

Spotify for Artists has introduced an enhanced analytics feature, offering artists deeper insights into their performance metrics. This new functionality enables artists to assess the performance of their releases in a comparative manner, allowing them to discern which releases have made the most significant impact.

This feature is accessed through a new ‘Compare’ button situated at the top of song and release pages within Spotify for Artists on the desktop platform.

The comparison view in Spotify for Artists allows users to:

  • Compare the performance of their releases within specified time frames such as the first 7 days, first 28 days, and first 12 months, providing insights into their trajectory over time.
  • Analyze key metrics including streams, listeners, playlist adds, streams per listener, and saves for each song or release.
  • Drill down into data by selecting specific markets via the country drop-down menu.

For now, this feature is not yet available on mobile devices.

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