META offers new advertising options for the Reel format

META has just introduced some new advertising formats for Reels on Facebook and Instagram. As short videos have become the leading content on almost all platforms, it was obvious that Meta had to keep up with the trend and update the promotional possibilities offered by this format.

As a result, Instagram and Facebook now offer 3 new ad types for Reels: 

  • Swipe Left: This is the brand-new feature that will change the game and make it easier to engage with ads. Swipe Left allows people exposed to the ads concerned to be redirected to the link chosen by the advertiser no longer by clicking on a CTA, but by simply swiping on the left. This way, the user experience is optimized, leading to a higher engagement rate!
  • Collection Ads: This format has already been launched on Instagram and is currently in Beta on Facebook. In particular, it enables the display of a background video, accompanied under the description by several images of the products you wish to promote and sell. 
  • Multi-Destination Carousel Ads: This format is already available on both Facebook and Instagram, and lets you choose CTA links redirecting to several product pages. In particular, this format enables people exposed to these ads to be helped through the sales funnel. 

Finally, by implementing these new formats and functionalities, META has decided to facilitate the sales funnel for advertisers. If we apply this to the music industry, it means that artists will now find it easier to sell physical products such as merchandise or projects on Instagram or Facebook, but they will also be able to more easily redirect their audience to their website or online box office, for example.

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