Monitor Every New Listeners from Any Ads: Introducing Redirections Campaign

We’re excited to unveil our groundbreaking tracking technology, enabling you to monitor redirection, saves and new followers, from any ads—free from ad blockers or iOS restrictions. 

And the real game-changer is our new live reporting feature… making possible to filter those metrics and its cost per redirection per country and per platform. 

With just a 3-minute setup for campaigns across multiple locations and platforms, you can easily isolate and analyse specific stats or redirections, in few clicks ⏳

And now… let’s grab a recent ad campaign report and calculate your final Cost Per Redirection (only use data generated from ads). What is your Fanlink’s Bounce Rate? How much does it cost?

Optimization Algorithm Improved

Measuring streaming through digital ads has always been a tough game, but our latest update finally changes that.

As our mission is on creating long-term ad value, we’re now able to fine-tune campaigns based on both ads and final redirections. The goal? To increase your recommendation on streaming platforms.

Because we automatically launch a myriad of different ad sets, we can A/B test complex campaigns at scale—even though it takes you just 3 minutes to set up. This ensures we focus solely on your most responsive audiences—the ones who are actually listening to your music.

Spotify Ads vs. Social Ads Cost-Effectiveness

While Spotify is increasing their in-platform ads capabilities at a competitive rate, our social ads show similar ‘final prices’ range except you can target a much bigger audience and convert into all streaming services.

But, give us a few weeks… Spotify Ads are also coming on Your Music Marketing 🙂

So, What’s Next? 🎲

We’re working on some major announcements in the next few months, including:

  • Integration of new ad formats, platforms, and objectives (over the next five months)
  • Brand new interface for advanced, time-saving campaign analysis (in few weeks)
  • Plug-and-play solution for Enterprise (reach out – we’re opening beta soon)
  • Last but not least, as we celebrate our 10-month anniversary, we’re proud to gather 1000+ artists, 150+ record labels, distributors, and agencies, and a total of 5000+ campaigns launched on our platform 🎉