Instagram Explores New Reels Display Format for Multi-Advertiser Ads

Instagram is currently in the process of testing a new advertising format for Reels ads, which employs a similar concept to that of multi-advertiser display ads.

Traditional multi-advertiser ads allow for a horizontal presentation of several ads from related advertisers. Instagram is now seeking to expand the multi-advertiser ad concept to boosted Reels, providing advertisers with a cost-effective, high-visibility placement strategy by targeting users who have already engaged with analogous content. However, the adoption of multi-advertiser display does entail certain considerations. Specifically, this format may potentially curtail advertisers’ visibility as their exposure is shared with others, possibly intensifying competitive dynamics.

For now, this emerging format is undergoing Beta testing exclusively with select brands, and the industry is eagerly anticipating the initial performance outcomes.

Instagram Multi-Advertiser Ads

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