Google launches its 100% AI-managed campaigns

Already behind many of the features offered by YouTube (recommendations, automatic subtitles, etc.), artificial intelligence represents a crucial challenge for Google. July 2023 marks a turning point…

Google recently announced the launch of new AI-powered campaign types. Among them, one has caught our attention: the Video Views Campaign, widely used by the music industry as it allows promoting music videos.

Google now offers to leave the targeting phase in the hands of its AI to maximize the effectiveness of placements and the number of views generated on boosted videos in-stream and in-feed on YouTube, as well as on YouTube Shorts. The results of the first campaigns launched with this new functionality have shown an average of 40% more views compared to traditional YouTube campaigns.

Currently available only in closed beta and restricted to advertisers from other industries, the feature is expected to become available to other players soon. We will keep you informed…

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