Coca-Cola launches its own musical instrument: Coke SoundZ

Coca-Cola, the global beverage giant, has marked its return to the music industry with the launch of a revolutionary musical instrument: Coke SoundZ

The project is the result of a collaboration between artificial intelligence and the famous sound of Coke Zero. By recording the sounds made by the iconic drink and reworking them using AI, Coca-Cola has succeeded in creating a vast sound library. These sounds serve as the basis for musical creation, offering artists and enthusiasts a wide sound palette to explore.

Coke SoundZ comes in two distinct forms. There is a physical version, a musical instrument modeled in the shape of a Coke bottle, equipped with integrated pads and buttons, and a digital version of the instrument available on the App Store, offering accessibility to users via their phone or tablet. 

For the time being, the physical version of Coke SoundZ has only been unveiled to a select group of influencers, DJs and artists for sharing their creations on social media.


Watch me build this track from scratch with Coke SoundZ! Try it for yourself! @Coca-Cola #BestCokeEver #cokepartner

♬ original sound – Andy Arthur Smith

This Coca-Cola initiative is of particular importance in today’s music landscape. By committing once again to the music industry with Coke SoundZ, the brand is demonstrating its desire to create unique and memorable experiences for its audiences. This move is in line with the brand’s previous initiatives, such as Coke Studio, and continues to reinforce its position as a player in the music industry.

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