Apple Music Enhances Analytics with “Listening Now” Feature for Artists

Apple Music has introduced a new widget for artists called “Listening Now,” providing real-time insights concerning the number of people currently streaming their music. This update marks the first step in improving Apple Music For Artists analytics, which initially provided only limited insights.

The new widget compiles data on music streaming over the past 48 hours. Artists can also access other intriguing insights, such as “Maximum Listeners,” highlighting the highest number of listeners reached in the last 48 hours, and “Average Listeners,” representing the average number of listeners over the same period. Artists can also see their top 6 streamed tracks during this timeframe through the “Top Song Now” insight.

Apple Music has stated that a minimum number of listeners is required to access these analytics but has not specified a quantitative value.

This new analytics feature empowers artists to better track and respond to their audience’s activity, as well as more precisely measure the impact of their marketing strategy on music consumption on the platform.

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