TikTok is testing its own AI-powered tool for song generation

With the development of artificial intelligence over the last few years, we’ve seen many new tools for generating content from simple text prompts: blog post generation, image generation, video generation or even music generation… 

It’s in music AI-generation that TikTok has decided to dive in, testing a new feature called “AI Song”, enabling users to generate music from text prompts. These AI-generated songs are aimed at creators wishing to have original music to use in their content posted on the platform. The lyrics of the generated songs are powered by Bloom, a multilingual model that enables the generation of texts in over 59 different languages. 


You can now create AI songs directly in the TikTok app, and here’s how! #tiktokupdate #ai #aisong #tiktokai #tech #fyp

♬ original sound – Daniel Duncan 📸

As this tool will provide creators with copyright-free content, it is essential that the storage of data and generated audios is sufficiently reliable to avoid encountering copyright problems later on, with songs created that should not be similar as the tool is used.

For the moment, AI Song is only available in beta for a small sample of users, and we’re waiting for TikTok to confirm its launch.

AI Song

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