Meta and Google Dive into AI-Assisted Content Creation

Today, artificial intelligence plays an essential role in content creation, from writing articles to generating images. Now, Meta and Google are stepping into the realm of AI-assisted video creation and photo editing.

For Meta, two content creation tools have been announced: “Emu Video” and “Emu Edit.”

Emu Video” enables the generation of video content based on a textual prompt, as well as by providing photos (such as product images). The AI-produced videos are square-format and last for 4 seconds. On the other hand, “Emu Edit” is a tool that orchestrates AI-driven modifications on an image. The release date for Meta’s new tools has not been disclosed yet, but they are expected to be available for free soon, since its online demo is already accessible to users.

For Google, a new feature called “Generative AI” has been introduced alongside the launch of Performance Max advertisements. Advertisers can generate text or images for their campaigns through a prompt. Additionally, they can enhance and modify existing images, including those created by Google’s AI. This feature is particularly useful for advertisers without any assets or those wanting to A/B test variations of their current assets. The pricing for AI-assisted image generation has not been specified by Google, and the functionality is currently only available to advertisers in the United States.

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