Google Has Upgraded Its Generative AI Text-To-Music Experiment, MusicFX

In November 2023, Google unveiled MusicFX, a cutting-edge tool leveraging AI for music creation based on user prompts. This innovative platform empowers users to craft melodies up to 70 seconds in duration, generate music loops, and explore a variety of prompts featuring expressive chips. Furthermore, users can effortlessly download or share their musical creations with friends. Since its debut, MusicFX has facilitated the creation of over 10 million tracks.

Recognizing the demand for enhanced audio quality, Google has undertaken an upgrade initiative for the tool. This upgrade not only elevates the quality of the generated music but also significantly accelerates the music generation process. According to recent tests conducted by Google, users are expressing three times more satisfaction with the results following these upgrades.

In early testing, the music samples generated with these new updates are now preferred three times more than previous ones.

To prevent copyrights issues, each composition is equipped with a digital fingerprint through Google’s SynthID technology. These imperceptible watermarks are indiscernible to the human ear but can be detected by computer systems.

For now, Google MusicFX is only available in the United States, New Zealand, Kenya, and Australia.

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