Copilot, Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot, partners with music AI specialist Suno

Copilot, Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot, and Suno, the AI-powered platform dedicated to music, have recently collaborated to explore new frontiers in music creation. This association marks a significant advance in the use of artificial intelligence for songwriting. 

Thanks to this collaboration, Copilot users can now create complete songs from simple text prompts. Suno, via a plug-in, transforms these prompts into songs including lyrics, instruments and vocals. After activating the Suno plug-in on the Copilot website, users can share their AI-generated songs on social media. It should be noted, however, that monetization of these songs on platforms such as YouTube or Spotify is prohibited, and the rights to the songs created remain the property of Suno. Commercial rights are extended to paying subscribers.

Copilot & Suno

This partnership offers artists and creators a new way of exploring unique soundscapes and rethinking the way music is made. But ethical and legal issues persist in the realm of music AI… Suno, for example, does not disclose its sources of AI training data, raising questions of transparency. Although the platform claims to prevent users from creating covers by uploading existing lyrics, ethical considerations regarding AI algorithms that learn from existing music without explicit consent remain.


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