Canva Revolutionizes Its Audio Library

In recent years, video format, especially short videos, has become the most consumed content on social media. With Canva emerging as the leading alternative to the Adobe suite for graphic design, content creators increasingly turn to Canva for video content creation. According to the platform, the number of videos created on Canva has surged by 70% in the last 12 months! However, until now, Canva provided users with countless resources such as photos, videos, and music, all of which were royalty-free, making it less appealing for content creation.

Today marks a new era for Canva’s audio library. This summer, Canva announced several partnerships with major music distribution players, including Warner Music Group and Merlin. These partnerships have now come into effect, allowing the platform to offer music from well-known artists for content creation, meeting the rising demands of users, particularly those creating content for TikTok. For artists, these partnerships bring good news as the use of their music in content represents a new revenue stream.

Along with generating compelling new revenue streams for our songwriters, this innovative new partnership will unlock the power of music for individual designers, presenters, and educators,” stated Andrew Ludwick, Vice President of Business Development and Digital at Warner Chappell Music.

Today, this new library of half a million tracks is available to all Canva Pro and Canva Education subscribers. However, commercial use of these tracks is not permitted. Free users do not have access to these new titles and can only use the royalty-free music offered by the platform.

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