Case Study

Case Study – Shawass: How to get +60K Spotify monthly listeners in 2 months

🤯 +60K Spotify monthly listeners in just 2 months? It’s possible!

Here is a recap of Shawass’ campaigns to promote his track “Champagne & Adultères”, which helped him increase his Spotify monthly listeners from 14K to over 76K and boost the track up to +130K streams 👇

Shawass Campaign Results

📅 At the end of October 2023, Shawass released his track “Champagne & Adultères”.  He launched a campaign to promote it from November to January. 

The campaign resulted in over 2.6K DSP redirections, taking the track from 4.7K to 43.8K streams on Spotify in just 2 months! The campaign also enabled him to develop his community, gaining up to 600 new followers on social media and Spotify. 

Shawass Daily streams & followers (Nov-Dec)

After that, at the beginning of January, Shawass decided to relaunch a new redirection campaign to promote the same track, resulting in reaching over 130K streams and around 400 new followers.

Shawass Daily streams & followers (Janv)

📈 The results? In just 2 months, Shawass went from 14K to 76K Spotify monthly listeners and gained over 1K followers on social media and Spotify!

Congrats Shawass for these incredible results 🥳

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